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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Gloss-It family of service installers. Gloss-It has set a standard of excellence by practicing proven and tried techniques that end in surface-perfection.

This elite group of Evo Quartz Pro 9H Installer and/or Paint Correction Specialists are appreciated by what they do, but most importantly, their vast knowledge and expertise.

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Our Difference

We are committed to our select product and service partners. Our program doesn’t just offer a fixed priced tier structure like our competitors, we provide vast number of resources to ensure the success of our joint business venture. In order to do so, we provide the following:

  • Technical support
  • Qualified local lead generation – A MUST for the success of your business.
  • Access to promotional material.
  • First dibs on new products or merchandise.
  • POS materials for your storefront.
  • Up to 20% off all future Gloss-It Chemical purchases (offer excludes discounts on polishers, tools, microfiber products, buffing pads, and other accessories).
  • Educational Webinars – how-to videos, sales techniques, marketing towards the industry, etc.
  • A unique Installer login for purchasing chemicals in bulk sizes on our retail website. 1 and 5 gallon quantities of Gloss Enhancer will be available at a substantial discount.
  • A feature as an authorized Evo Quartz Pro 9H Installer, Paint Correction Detail Specialist and/or Center.
  • A protective territory for all Gloss-It Evo Quartz Pro 9H Installer and/or Paint Correction Specialist within agreed distance of their competition.
  • Social media exposure through means of shout-outs, usage of keywords, and feature.

Available Courses

Advanced Course

Evo Quartz Pro 9H Coating Authorized Installer Class

The Evo Quartz Coating class is an advanced coating class focused on application of our Evo Quartz Pro 9H coating. Completion of this course will allow access to buy our Evo Quartz Pro 9H coating in addition to becoming an Authorized Installer in a select territory of your city.

Proper prep stages required for maximum adhesion process.

Application and removal of any coating on the vehicle, in addition to showing proper removal of excess or improper applied coats.

How to maximize efficiency and technique on application.

How to apply multiple coats and show application of entire vehicle.

How to maintain and keep the durability for lasting results.

Exclusive buying rights to the Evo Quartz Pro 9H coating.

25% off all Evo Quartz Coatings per case quantity of 12

Class Length: 1 Day

Starting at $300

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Intermediate Course

The basics of dual-action machine polishing & protection

Gloss-it will cover different pad and product choices with our full-range of paint correction polishes. We will teach the basic in the most common paint imperfections and how to assess and create the right pad and product combination for your vehicle's finish. At Gloss-it Detailing University, we will teach you the newest and most advanced techniques and remove all guess-work. What you will learn:.

The 3 combinations to get your work done in record times.

The hot new buffers and polishers on the market.

The difference between polishing, restoring, waxing and correcting paint imperfections.

The difference between wet sanding and DA sanding.

New and old paint finish technology.

How to evaluate and identify paint imperfections.

Class Length: 1 Day

Starting at $399

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Advanced DIY Course

Evo Paint Correction & Quartz Coating Program

Gloss-It is raising the bar in the world of car detailing and protection through tried-and-true methods that marry innovation and proven techniques.

To become a Gloss-It Evo Paint Correction Specialist or Evo Quartz Pro 9H Authorized Installer you will be required to be proficient with our Evo21 Dual Action Polisher and high-speed polisher. All potential Detailers will be screened before an approval is accepted. The class will consist of 4 to 5 days and will cover comprehensive paint correction instruction and application technique with Gloss-It professional paint correction polishes. This will be conducted on various types of paint finishes; from enamel, to single stage, and base coast clear coat. In addition, this class will also show you the steps on application and removal of our Evo Quartz Coatings. The class is held at the Gloss-It Head-Quarters located in Las Vegas, NV (USA). The cost of the class will be $4995 which will be good for one student. This price will include 8 hours of hands-on education and paint correction training per day. Graduates will receive a Gloss-It Official Certification, approved Gloss-It Evo Paint Correction Specialist listed on the website, (1) Evo Quartz Coating Pro 9H 50ml, 5″ Evo21 backing plate, and full set of pads from cut to finish. Lunch will be provided for all training days.

1 professional Detailer Approved Certification.

Advanced business, sales, and marketing training.

Advanced education in auto detailing chemicals.

Right Start-Steps to detailing success.

Proper use of specialized detailing equipment.

Understanding paint technology and paint defect removal.

15% off all future chemical purchases (this offer does not include discount on polishers, tools, microfiber products, buffing pads and other accessories).

A unique detailer login for purchasing chemicals in bulk sizes on 1 gallon and 5 gallon quantities (Gloss Enhancer) for professionals will be available at substantial discount for Evo Quartz Pro 9H Installer and/or Paint Correction Specialist only.

Gloss-it will provide a protective territory for all Gloss-it Evo Quartz Pro 9H Installer and/or Paint Correction Specialist within agreed distance of their competition.

Class Length: 4-5 Days

Starting at $4,995

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